Trippy like a Mississippi Hippie

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"-Mary Oliver

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So this happened today. Still my jam since I was 11. #summergirls #gimmethesun #chinesefood
It’s World Autism Awareness Day, so take a few minutes to say a prayer and find empathy for people with and affected by autism. We are all different, and we are all special! #puzzlepieces #autismspeaks
#Mcm goes out to these cute boys. Both are adorable and sweet, unless they’re hungry. @tokenfilipino #maksthecat #sweetwittleboys
@tokenfilipino 🙏 #HeRocks #Awesome
Not sure if I’m enjoying wearing one of these as much as I enjoyed making it…. #splinting #ehh #preventingcontractures
#TransformationTuesday @tokenfilipino and I were SUCH awkward teenagers. Seriously. 19 & 16 on the left, and 24 & 21 on the right. Yep. #howawkward #sophomorewinterformal #fiveyearslater #somuchbetterwithage
So. I’ve rediscovered my fear of heights. My first thought at the top of the light house was, “get me down right now.” 
“But you’ve climbed rocks! This is a piece of cake!”- Dad. 
It’s clearly not the same in my mind. Haha
I don’t know what’s cooler: that my dad is the greatest at teaching me how jet and radial plane engines work; that he climbed a 177 step lighthouse with me; or that he let me pick out a “favorite plane” when I was a little kid (it’s the Stopwith Camel, BTW) and still lets me take a picture with him in front of it every year. I love that man :)
Mom-n-me selfie in a museum. Of course it was her idea… #loveher @sandykd121